The Last Shoemaker
We still make them like they used to.

We’re the Last Shoemaker. This isn’t the end, it’s the beginning of the end of your search for affordable, desirable footwear. We’re known as the Last Shoemaker because all of our shoes are made the old fashioned way.

Before the invention of the Goodyear welt and machine-lasted shoes, shoemakers used hand-lasting and hand-welted construction – and this is the time-honored method of crafting shoes used by The Last Shoemaker. Our shoes are drawn, hand-cut and hand-stitched with leather carefully drawn over wooden lasts to shape our shoes into a form that’s befitting of your feet.

A true artisan takes these techniques and then pushes boundaries to develop new styles, using the softest leathers for the linings and combining them with top grade semi-aniline leathers uppers for truly outstanding shoes that can punctuate an outfit.

We believe these traditional shoemaking methods combined with an eye for contemporary design set us, and our clients, apart. For shoe aficionados, a non-industrial, traditional shoe keeps the art alive.

No shoe fits like a handmade bespoke shoe. That’s a fact.

View our videos to see our vision in action.