Trunkshow Tour 2024 - Dublin, Edinburgh

Footprints of Home: Bespoke Shoe Homecoming Tour
Dublin, Ireland : 16th May 2024

Embark on a journey where every step resonates with the echoes of home. In our bespoke shoe homecoming tour, we invite you to rediscover the warmth of tradition and craftsmanship as we journey from Edinburgh to Dublin. Each shoe crafted with love, dedication, and a touch of heritage, this tour is not just about footwear—it's a celebration of roots, a tribute to the spirit of homecoming.

From the cobbled streets of Edinburgh to the lively lanes of Dublin, we bring you an exquisite collection that encapsulates the essence of our shared heritage. With every stitch and every sole, we pay homage to the rich tapestry of Scottish and Celtic culture. Join us as we lace up our stories, walking hand in hand with tradition, and stepping into the embrace of home.

The Last Shoemaker
Based in York, UK, the Last Shoemaker was created by shoemakers Allan Donnelly and Payson Muller. The goal was simple: produce the highest quality minimalist shoes on the market. Cutting no corners, we take pride in crafting every shoe with unrivalled quality. From Zero-Drops to Fiddlewaists, the Last Shoemaker is committed to producing the best pair of minimalist shoes you’ve ever owned.
Specializing in Bespoke
For those looking for the absolute best fit possible, we are delighted to offer customers bespoke made-to-order shoes upon request.
The production process begins with Payson, based in the UK, attending to customers, taking measurements and fittings before developing a pair of bespoke, wooden shoe lasts. In collaboration with the customer, a shoe design is created. The lasts and drawings are then sent to Allan to produce the design by creating shoe uppers in his purpose-built workshop to the exacting requirements of this bespoke product. The finishing of the shoes is then done by Payson, hand-sewing the soles before the final fitting with the customer.
The personal touch makes all the difference
The perfect shoe for any occasion
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