Comfortable Couch to Stylish Shoe

Leather is an amazing material. It can survive being buried underground in Siberian burial mounds and has been found in a Roman sewer in London.  The oldest piece of footwear in the world was a one piece leather shoe approximately 5,500 years old found in a cave in Armenia. With such durability, it makes sense to recycle leather from other sources….remember that old well loved and worn sofa? It might not bring the same level of comfort now that the springs are loose and the cushions have deflated.  

Couches often last much longer than we wish to keep them.  Why not give them a second life? In a time when we wish to be more conscious of our environmental impact, why not send the leather covers from your old sofa to us and we will turn a once loved sofa into much loved new shoes for you.

This is a positive environmental and socially responsible opportunity to reduce landfill by recycling materials and reducing the demand for further new leather production.  The result is a brand new, durable and sustainable pair of beautiful leather shoes.

Three pairs created from a 2 seater sofa, Created in May 2020

How does it work?

By taking the leather from the less used areas of your sofa (the back the sides of the arms, the undersides of cushions, we can convert one pair of shoes from 3 square feet of leather.

We estimate that we can create two pairs of shoes from leather salvaged from your sofa.

The material needs to be carefully cut away from the frame, preferably along stitched seams to reduce damage to the leather panels.  It can then be packaged up and sent to our workshop. We will do the rest!

The total cost is 225 USD per pair and includes Shipping

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