Our Lasts

There are only a handful of traditional shoemakers in the world, with perhaps the most famous being the royal warranted John Lobb in the West End of London. Lobbs use the historic technique of crafting lasts from rough turns on which they craft shoes for their bespoke customers. It is much more common now for shoemakers to use pre-made generic lasts which they fit up with leather to fit each customer. Or to outsource the last making to a factory. That's what makes the Last Shoemaker so special. We continue to use the time-honoured method of creating our own rough turns from which we make lasts on which we craft bespoke shoes with a perfect fit. With over 10 years of experience in independent shoemaking developing other brands, we bring this to bear on the challenge of making the best handmade minimalist shoes. We've spent time studying with master lastmaker Steven Lowe, time served veteran lastmaker of Lobbs, who now runs Lastmaker House in Eastbourne, England, We now develop and design our own toeshapes and lasts and look forward to opening our new flagship store in Bangkok.


Last 40 Classic Shape


Last 45 Shorter Square


Last 26 Long and Narrow


Last 83 Narrow Square


Last 71 long, round and flat tip


Last 76 long extended Almond



A guide to Size Conversion can be found here: Shoe Sizing