Step-by-Step Guide to Buying Bespoke Minimalist Shoes in York

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Are you currently looking to buy bespoke minimalist shoes in York or other parts of Northern England or the Midlands? If so, The Last Shoemaker is here to help you every step of the way from induction to implementation. It can be difficult in the modern age, even more so in Northern England, to find reliable shoemakers that offer bespoke services, especially in regards to creating individual minimalist shoe varieties.

Being an individual is what makes life so exciting. And we fully understand the individual shoe needs of every person. There is nothing more individual and unique than getting custom-made minimalist shoes.

But how do you make this a reality? How do you find out more about minimalist shoes?  And are there options in Northern England and Midlands?

Here is our guide step-by-step guide to buying bespoke minimalist shoes in York.

Step #1 – Why Do You Want to Buy Bespoke Minimalist Shoes in York?

Why are you thinking about buying minimalist shoes? If you are thinking about it because it’s trendy, that’s probably not a great idea. It’s important to know and fully understand the benefits of transitioning from standard shoes to minimalist shoes.

The first step of the process is understanding how minimalist shoes can help to strengthen your feet and affect your whole posture. If you want to get bespoke minimalist shoes for improved foot health, you are on the right track. It’s about health and lifestyle choice, and not about fashion styles, although there are some fantastic minimalist designs. It’s important to know why you want custom-made minimalist shoes before you take the plunge.

Please remember that it takes approximately 12 weeks to get your bespoke shoes from the date of our first appointment.

Step #2 – First Appointment: Deciding Styles and taking Measurements

Your first appointment with The Last Shoemaker can take place at our workshop and hub. We are the epicenter for bespoke minimalist shoes in York and many parts of Northern England. It’s also important to mention that we have a roaming shoemaking service that attends certain trunk show locations. However, you need to check our website here to find out more about our trunk shows locations.

We recommend that you visit our workshop in York, UK, for the first appointment. During the meeting, we will establish the minimalist shoe styles and designs you desire. We can decide on the style and the type of leather. We will also take your foot measurements at this time in the initial process. And then we are ready to go.

Step #3 – Second Appointment: The Fitting

The second appointment usually takes place within 5-7 weeks after the first meeting. The Last Shoemaker will call you during that time period to organize a second appointment, which will essentially be the fitting process (if local to York or nearby). This is the stage where all key adjustments are made to ensure your bespoke minimalist shoes in York are a perfect fit in every way. This is possibly the most important appointment as this is the final fitting before you receive your shoes.

Step #4 – Receiving Your Bespoke Minimalist Shoes in York or at Home?

From the first appointment at our workshop to receiving your custom-made minimalist shoes in the post takes 12 weeks. This is a standard timescale for bespoke high-end shoemaking services of this type. You can receive your shoes in the post directly to your home. Alternatively, if you live nearby, you can pick up your bespoke minimalist shoes in York directly from our offices.

If you’re getting bespoke shoes from our trunk shows, the process will be slightly different. You will decide the styles and materials and be measured at the first meeting at the trunk show. The fitting part of the process will take place between 4-8 weeks of the first appointment. Your shoes will then be ready 12 weeks after the first appointment. Because there are so many variables in regards to this process, we suggest that you should email us with an inquiry or any questions you have about our shoemaking trunk shows services.

If you are looking to get bespoke minimalist shoes in York or other parts of Northern England and the Midlands, The Last Shoemaker is the ultimate choice. As you can see from our step-by-step guide, the process is very simple and hassle-free. And if you are not in York, you need to check out our trunk show locations and options.

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