5 Reasons Why Bespoke Minimalist Shoes Raise the Quality Bar

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Did you ever think of buying Bespoke Minimalist Shoes that are custom made for perfection? We live in a world of mass production and mass consumption. The ‘one size fits all’ mentality might be convenient and cheap in the short-term, but where is the love? Where is the character, quality, and nuance?

But why would you need custom-made bespoke shoes when there are so many great designs and options in the high-street and online? Here are 5 reasons why bespoke minimalist shoes raise the quality bar and why they are the perfect fit for your modern lifestyle.

#1 -Quality of Materials – Bespoke Minimalist Shoes

The words ‘bespoke shoes’ initially conjure images of personalized quality. However, mass-produced shoes are all about cutting manufacturing costs and maximizing profit margins. Quality materials and quality production values are way down the list. The cheaper they can mass-produce shoes the better.

Bespoke minimalist shoes are the exact opposite. It’s all about the quality of the materials and creating a product you can be proud to wear. With bespoke shoes, you can choose the thickest and most durable leather for your shoes. Utilizing the highest leather grades will ensure a superior product every time.

#2 - Comfort & Durability Combined

By utilizing the best leather products in terms of grade and thickness, you will combine comfort and durability. These are two major benefits of having bespoke minimalist shoes. Mass-produced shoes do not take comfort into account unless they are sports shoes or hiking boots. But even then the experts say you should replace cheaper shoe products every six months.

Bespoke custom-made shoes are created with comfort and durability in mind. And although custom-made shoes are sometimes seen as expensive, they last years as opposed to months so in the long-term are greater value for money. Don’t settle for inferior comfort and durability. You and your feet deserve better.

#3 – The Perfect Fit – Bespoke Minimalist Shoes

Have you noticed how ‘off the shelf’ shoes never seem to fit perfectly? They are usually a bit too tight or slightly too big. In either case, it will dramatically affect comfort. Badly fitting shoes can affect the shape of your foot and your entire posture. Ill-fitting shoes can even cause nerve damage, numbing, tingling sensations, muscle weakness, and pain in general. No two feet in the world are exactly the same in terms of width, length, and depth. Bespoke minimalist shoes are designed to fit ‘your’ foot in the most perfectly exquisite manner.

#4 - Unique Design Choices

Mass-produced shoe designs have not changed much over the past 30 years. Sports shoes on the other hand have massively progressed over the years in terms of aerodynamics and support of the foot. However, having bespoke shoes allows you to create a unique design that suits your needs and foot shape. Having the chance to diversify your shoe design will ensure you get something that complements your lifestyle.

Do you take long walks?

Are you using the shoes for work?

What do you need your shoes for?

These are all questions you need to ask yourself. Understanding your own needs and then incorporating that into a design is why bespoke minimalist shoes are the future of shoemaking.

#5 - Personal Shoemaking Service

There is nothing wrong with buying mass-produced shoes off the shelf. But they are similar to the TV dinners of the cuisine world. That’s the perfect analogy to describe standard shoes. For sure, they will fill your stomach, but don’t give you the proverbial nutrients to live your ‘best life’.

Getting your shoes designed and manufactured by a personal shoemaker takes the whole experience to the next level. Nothing can match a bespoke service. Mass-produced shoes are all about factories in China and cutting costs. A bespoke minimalist shoes expert not only gives you that personal touch and unparalleled customer service but also allows you to take a proactive approach to the design and creation of your shoes. You are speaking directly to the person making your shoes, which means you will have more control and insight.

Are you still considering buying shoes off the shelf or getting custom-made bespoke shoes? In terms of material quality, style, design values, and customization, bespoke shoes are in a league of their own. Mass-produced shoes are fine, but they do not have the comfort or durability we all desire from a quality product. And even in the long-run, bespoke shoes will save you money because they last longer. Is there really a choice? We don’t think so.

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